Emerge workouts are the total package because you’ve got 5 amazing people to correct your form, motivate you, and the energy really helps you to push yourself. I’ve never been one to focus on stretching or mobility so to have that built in to each workout is a huge plus for me. Everything from the warmup to the mobility preps you for the sweat portion, so to see it all tie together really give the entire workout purpose and I LOVE that!”
— Lauren, Charlotte, NC

That was a great workout! I am always looking to change things up but staying safe and using body alignment. That’s a rarity in the time of get it all in quickly. Great job!
— Cara, Charlotte, NC

I’m already feeling it. I liked having someone watch my form for sure. It was great to have all of the easier or harder modifications. The intention of each exercise was great though, really taking it down to the basics of movement”
— Nicole, Charlotte, NC

“EMERGE has made me so much more intentional in my daily workouts! I no longer define a good workout by how much I sweat, it’s all about the focus, form and activating the muscle groups I need the right way”
— Mary Elizabeth, Charlotte, NC